Low score on the A&M Campus: Your September 20th, 2019 Kitchen Cops Report

Updated: Sep. 20, 2019 at 5:26 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On Thursday, we told you about rodent problems throughout Marshall County. Now, we’re digging into the reports from six other counties.

We’ll start in Limestone County, where the Casa Blanca in Athens scores a 69 due to dirty soda nozzles, missing sanitizer in the dishwasher and unlabeled spray bottles. Employees were also not washing hands and emptying dirty mop buckets in the parking lot.

In Morgan County, the Rock & Roll Sushi on the Beltline in Decatur gets a 78 after the Kitchen Cops say they found food without time stamps, unlabeled toxic cleaners improperly stored and employees not washing hands.

In northwest Alabama, Franklin County had two trouble spots - The Phil Campbell Chevron gets an 81 because of mold in the soda nozzles and food temperature issues. There were also problems with food temperatures at the N&F in Phil Campbell. It gets an 86. There was also food without dates in the kitchen.

The lowest score in Lauderdale County came from Walton’s Restaurant in Rogersville. It had an 88, losing points because of a malfunctioning cooler. That’s been fixed, but the score stands until the next inspection.

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In Madison County, there was plenty of red ink going onto inspection sheets this week. The Pine Grove Texaco at Wall Triana and Pine Grove Road is being threatened with losing it’s license. It scored a 72 after inspectors found dirty soda nozzles and a dirty ice machine. The inspectors also “observed roaches run out of upright reach in cooler onto the floor and under the cooler.” There were also flies noted in the kitchen. Those problems were addressed before a follow-up inspection a few days later. However, the problem that has the Pine Grove Texaco in serious trouble is with the grease traps and sewage. Inspectors say there was sewage on the ground near the grease bin, grease trap and in the grass behind the building. The problem wasn’t fixed in time for the follow-up inspection, so the health department issued a notice of intent to suspend the license for the Pine Grove Texaco.

Another dramatically low score is at the West Campus Cafeteria at Alabama A&M. It gets a 71 because of flies throughout the kitchen and multiple foods at the wrong temperature in the sandwich maker station. There was also hair and residue found in the ice machine, and no hot water at two sinks.

Regular K-Cops readers know that El Molcajete is frequently on our Trouble Spots list. This month, it holds it’s 83 score from July, but has a whole new set of violations. The Kitchen Cops wrote up moldy tomato sauce, ants, gnats and foods at the wrong temperature.

To see raw, unedited scores and inspection notes from around north Alabama, check out the links below this video:

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