Lockheed Martin adding 200 jobs in Huntsville

Lockheed Martin adding 200 jobs in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Lockheed Martin’s top brass made a big announcement in Huntsville. The labor force within the aerospace giant is growing, and the Huntsville campus is expanding.

Starting now, the search is on to hire 200 more employees to work at Lockheed Martin. Their new team of future employees will be responsible for designing, engineering and developing hypersonic and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missiles.

“This area is very special to us because it’s been contributing to the success of Lockheed Martin for over 50 years," said Rick Ambrose, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of space.

“Many of those jobs will be in our design, engineering for designing some of the work around the hypersonics capabilities and the glide bodies and all that, as well as setting up systems that will them take in production out of Courtland,” said Ambrose.

Lockheed Martin is a missile defense powerhouse, and hypersonic missiles being developed travel faster than 3,800 mph. Government leaders, including Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, says choosing the Rocket City for these white-collar jobs will benefit all of the Tennessee Valley.

“That just adds to our economy. You start thinking about 200 jobs at $100,000 a job, you add $20 million to the economy year in and year out,” said Battle.

With an expanding workforce, the building Lockheed Martin owns will also have to expand.

“Since were hiring those people, we have to expand the facilities so they have a place to sit. If you were to walk around and talk to our employees, it would be very crowded,” said Ambrose.

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