Morgan County jailers could see pay raise in next month

The Morgan County correctional officers, if approved, will have increased pay stubs

Morgan County jailers could see pay raise in next month

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Morgan County correctional officers could get a pay raise soon, thanks to the Morgan County Commission.

This past week, the commission approved a raise for current employees, at the expense of seven open jobs.

“At one point, a good 85 to 90 percent of our staff has been here less than six months and it was causing us issues a far as safety and dealing with inmates,” Jail Warden Aaron Dawson said.

He says, his concern right now, is consistency with officers on the floor.

Dawson says, maintaining employees is a two-fold issue.

“One would be the pay scale and second would be expectations. They’re not sure what it means to be a corrections officer. They saw an ad, decided to come in and try it, and it’s not what they thought it was,” Dawson explained.

Morgan County correction officers make $11.64/hour. Dawson says, jailers in surrounding counties in North Alabama make three-to-four more dollars an hour.

“Some people don’t like it, I love it. The pay’s not great, I mean, that’s one of our main problems here at the Morgan County jail, but to me it ain’t about the pay,” correction officer Logan Gibson said.

Gibson has been working for the jail for more than a year.

“It’s about the brotherhood that we got. I know if something happens to my family, I know that everyone in my jail’s got my back,” Gibson continued.

After the county commission agreed to a pay raise, in exchange for a cut in jobs, Dawson and Gibson say they hope this will encourage people to check this job out.

“When you get into this kind of career it opens all kinds of doors. Whether it be probation and parole, whether it be working with all kinds of agencies like that, they get some experience under their belt,” Dawson said.

The pay increase has one more round of approvals, by the Morgan County Commission, to go through.

If approved, jailers could see a pay raise as early as October first.

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