Huntsville City Council approves ice complex upgrades, council and mayor pay raises

Huntsville City Council votes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Thursday night, the Huntsville City Council made a lot of big decisions that came with some fiery and sometimes contentious conversation.

The big one that finally came to a conclusion after nearly 2-months of discussion was pay raises. The council approved a pay raise for themselves and the mayor.

Councilwoman Jennie Robinson, the only member to vote against them, called them ‘unnecessary’ as the opportunity to serve should be more than enough.

She says they will soon make more than a rookie firefighter and just shy of a city police officer.

The mayor’s salary will increase to $176,000, council president goes up to $49,000, and the other council members jump to $44,000.

These raises go into effect after the November 2020 election.

The council also approved money for phase 2 in the renovations of the Huntsville Municipal Ice Complex.

It’s no secret lots of updates and fixes are needed there. The City Council voted to move forward with an $11 million agreement to make those renovations.

Local hockey players asked that the city consider building a new complex and keep the existing site open until its complete. City leaders shared a comprehensive analysis has been taken and the most economical decision is to make the renovations.

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