Time capsule in Athens unearthed after 25 years

Time capsule in Athens unearthed after 25 years

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - An Athens man is reunited with a time capsule he buried 25 years ago.

Back then, the sidewalk was being redone in front of his business, so Roy Patton buried a capsule filled with pictures, letters, and notes to whoever discovered it.

This week, public works crews called him after redoing that same sidewalk again and finding the capsule!

In 1994, Patton and his wife were four months away from having twins, and she was working as a first-grade school teacher.

“Twenty-five years have gone by. I didn’t know we were having boys. I just knew we were having twins. I have boys who are 25 years old now," said Patton. “My wife is now the assistant superintendent for Athens City Schools, so things have evolved.”

One thing Patton says hasn’t evolved is his paycheck. He says he put a pay stub in that 1994 capsule and it hasn’t changed too much.

Patton’s already looking ahead. He and his father, Bucky, buried a few more capsules under the new sidewalk Wednesday. This time, they have letters from the mayor and county commission, a bicentennial coin, information about the schools and city, and pictures of downtown.

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