Storms destroy Rogersville church

Storms destroy Rogersville church

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A church in the making in Rogersville is in shambles after Tuesday’s storms reduced it to rubble.

Now, people from all over north Alabama are coming together to help the pastor rebuild.

It’s a church family of about 30 worshipers. They have been saving money for a decade to build their own place of worship.

“We all get together, especially on Saturdays, and we’d come and do as much as we can, stand up walls, and we put the rafters up ourselves,” said the Rev. Randall Moore.

Moore, pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Rogersville, has worked on this building nearly every day for the past two months.

“I was here until lunch Tuesday, and then when I went home I got ready to go to the funeral home and come by. I was about a mile and a half away and I got the phone call," he said.

Nearly 60 days of hard work was gone in a matter of minutes.

“All I can do is just cry about it. I’m sorry. No it’s OK, but it’s just a work for the Lord, I just want to see souls saved,” said Moore.

Those souls are now coming to the rescue for Moore, his congregation and his beloved church. Many of the people who came to help are strangers Moore didn’t meet until Thursday morning.

“I got in contact with Mr. Moore this morning and I called all my subcontractors that have worked with me all the years and asked if they could donate two days of their time. I think we can get the top on this in two days," said Mike Jackson, owner of Mike Jackson Home Builders in Athens.

Jackson and his team, along with dozens of community members, are donating their time and resources to revive this church for Moore and the Rogersville community.

“I put my arm around him and told him don’t worry about this. I said I know you’re worried about i. It’s hard to come here and see it, but I said right now you relax and I’ve got this under control," Jackson said.

If you want to help the Pentecostal Church rebuild this weekend, call Jackson at 256-651-1033.

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