State educators unveil new report card reporting system

ALSDE unveils new reporting system

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Efficient. Transparent. Accessible. These are the words state school leaders used to describe the new report card reporting mechanism.

“It’s one of the best in the country. There are very few states that have a system that’s this transparent and easy for the public to use and we’re very proud of that," said Alabama State Department Public School Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey.

Mackey says the transformation has been several months in the making.

“The previous system was more difficult to use. The data was there but you had to be really good at drilling down in the data," he said.

A necessary change, Mackey says, for hundreds of thousands of public school children in Alabama, teachers and parents.

“We decided to do this because of transparency. The first one is how clear it is. They can immediately pull up a school system and you can see right at the very top what the main data are," he said.

In the building commonly known as the “building of missing persons,” there was no praise missing today for state school board members. They gave the demo an A+ and it’s up and running right now on the department’s website.

“It’s live now," said Dr. Mackey.

Board members gave approving nods as the new reporting system was unveiled. No complaints. No concerns. No issues.

”It’s going to come from the report cards," he said.

Dr. Eric Mackey says the annual report cards will be released sometime in the October to November time frame, the results ready to be displayed on the long-awaited reporting system.

WSFA 12 News requested information on how much the reporting system change cost from the Alabama State Department of Education but we have yet to receive it.

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