North Alabama program gives a student a new purpose in life

Lexandra Lutz never knew she wanted to go into manufacturing, until the F.A.M.E. program.

North Alabama program gives a student a new purpose in life

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - F.A.M.E. is one of the only programs in the country that acts as a direct pipeline from the classroom to the workforce.

Students at Calhoun Community College are putting that pipeline to the test. Especially with Advanced Manufacturing Technicians (AMT) being one of the highest-demanded jobs in the country right now.

Freshman student Lexandra Lutz is in the F.A.M.E. program and works with Toyota Manufacturing.

Lutz is the only girl in her program, however, she didn’t always want to be in manufacturing.

“I went to Troy University as a pre-med student, wanting to become a trauma surgeon,” Lutz explained.

By chance, she fell into F.A.M.E. program after meeting an AMT student.

It wasn’t an easy road to get to where she is now.

“I moved around a lot in foster care and ended up in Alabama," Lutz said.

It wasn’t until she moved to Alabama, that things began to change for Lutz.

“I met my forever family, and I’m set to be adopted next year," she said.

Although she’s the only girl at Toyota Mmanufacturing in her class, she continues to break down barriers with support from her forever family.

“There are times that I feel down that I’m the only girl and left out some times. He tells you know, you gotta keep your head up, keep pushing forward, you were made for this," Lutz continued.

Lutz has four more semesters left working with the F.A.M.E. program and Toyota Manufacturing.

After school, she plans to join the manufacturing workforce and contribute to the skilled working collaboration we have here in north Alabama.

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