Mountain Gap Elementary librarian steps in when crossing guard doesn’t show up

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Several parents are calling a school librarian at Mountain Gap Elementary School a hero for what she did before classes even started Thursday.

Parents say the crossing guard didn’t show up that morning. The parents were concerned and didn’t know what to do. The students were lost as well.

That’s when the librarian, who rides her bike to work every day, showed up. She put on a helmet and directed traffic herself.

“She got off her bike and she was out their in her helmet directing the traffic and making sure our kids were safe getting to school this morning. We’re all thankful to her,” said Kathleen Appel, who takes her grandson to school..

Kathleen says if it wasn’t for the school employee, Thursday could have been tragic.

“There was no crossing guard, no Huntsville police officer, and it was just chaotic. Cars not knowing if or when they should go, when it was their turn, children just individually randomly crossing,” said Appel.

“It’s an important job to be there. I mean that’s the safety of our children that they’re watching out for, and I’ve seen them almost get run over when people go speeding by when they really shouldn’t be going like they are,” said neighbor Pat McNeal.

Huntsville police are in charge of the crossing guards and they admit there was miscommunication Thursday morning, but officers were there when school ended to make sure everyone was safe.

“There’s so many school locations throughout the city and the fact that this is a part-time job and at two different times during the day when they have to be there, it’s really difficult for supervisors to check all of these places at one time,” said Lt. Michael Johnson, spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department.

If you don’t see crossing guards officers say you should call 256-427-5580 to get a fast response.

Officers also say they’re thankful to the librarian for a job well done.

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