North Alabama Red Cross volunteers deployed to South Carolina

North Alabama Red Cross volunteers deployed to South Carolina

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Hurricane Dorian left a deadly path of destruction in the Bahamas and it’s heading to the east coast with its sights on the Carolinas.

Volunteers from the Red Cross right here in the Tennessee Valley are being deployed, including the executive director who just packed her bags.

There are a total of five volunteers from the Red Cross on their way to South Carolina to help some of the 60,000 people expected to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

WAFF 48 News talked with one of the volunteers and she’s been deployed dozens of times.

“I’ve been a volunteer for six years. Close to 30 deployments in six years,” said Sharon Wagner.

Wagner is driving the Red Cross emergency response vehicle packed with food, water and supplies to Columbia, South Carolina. Volunteers like Wagner say helping people is one of their missions in life.

“They’re so excited that we’re there to help because when they see us they know that it’s not going to be as bad as the situation they’re in at the present time because we’re there to help them with the suffering,” said Wagner.

On Monday, WAFF talked with executive director Khris Anderson, and she said she was on standby. She’s now on her way to help.

“I have currently been assigned to Charleston, South Carolina. I’m working now to get my way there with nearly 2,000 volunteers from across the country,” said Anderson.

Volunteers nationwide are preparing a safe place for people evacuating to sleep.

“Currently we are working with, supporting, opening evacuation shelters. These are shelters that people who are fleeing the path of the storm," said Anderson.

If you want to help the Red Cross or get involved with this humanitarian mission the executive director says the best way to get involved is by making a monetary donation to their organization.

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