North Alabama Red Cross volunteers traveling to help with Hurricane Dorian

North Alabama Red Cross volunteers traveling to help with Hurricane Dorian

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Red Cross has the slogan “not all heroes wear capes.” On Monday, some volunteers put those words into action to help people in the path of Hurricane Dorian and its powerful winds and strong storm surge.

Four trained volunteers at the Red Cross in south Huntsville have been deployed to get in position and be prepared to help people in the storm’s projected path.

The executive director, Khris Anderson, says once the storm makes landfall, staff at the Red Cross will reassess and determine the need to send more volunteers.

Four volunteers deployed from north Alabama may not sound like a lot, but nationwide, the Red Cross has 1,600 volunteers who are being sent to some of the states currently in Hurricane Dorian’s projected path.

“We’re preparing all the way from south Florida all the way up to North and South Carolina. Hurricanes are always unpredictable. We are preparing to help over 60,000 people that are in the projected path of the storm,” said Anderson.

The Airport Road Red Cross also sent its emergency response vehicle. It’s full of food and water. There are dozens more stationed strategically around the country.

“We have 99 tractor trailers full of supplies,” said Anderson.

Anderson says the Red Cross is able to buy supplies a lot cheaper than you can, so if you want to help, hold off on the donations and just give money.

The four deployed volunteers from the Red Cross are currently in Montgomery. They’ll get their assignments Tuesday morning.

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