Alabama’s anti-road rage law begins this week

Enforcement of 'Move Over' Law

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - If you like to drive and stay in the left lane, you are now breaking the law.

Law enforcement agencies are now on the lookout for you.

Governor Ivey signed the anti-road rage act earlier this year. If you are on the interstate, you can only drive in the left lane for one and a half miles before you need to get back into the right lane. Troopers tells us it’s supposed to help prevent situations that can lead to road rage.

According to a recent AAA study, 80% of drivers reported feeling angry or aggressive when left lane drivers wouldn’t move over. Troopers are now watching.

"It’s just important to be out there for people to know hey look this is important for people to move over. Even if it’s going to be hard to enforce. It’s going to be good for people to know about it and say hey look, they will enforce this,” Trooper Cody Deason with ALEA said.

There are exceptions to the law with things like weather, traffic congestion and road construction.

There’s a 60-day grace period. You will not get a ticket if you are caught during that time. After that, the fine is similar to a speeding ticket and can cost you $200.

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