Flies inside the ice machine: Your August 30th, 2019 Kitchen Cops

Madison County Kitchen Cops August 30th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It was a relatively clean week for the Kitchen Cops across north Alabama. As we sifted through the reports, we saw mostly average to excellent scores (remember, you can always read the unedited, raw scores and inspection notes at the bottom of every Kitchen Cops web story on WAFF). But, there are a few notes that made us do a double take.

The Zaxby’s on University Drive in Huntsville scores an 85 after inspectors found flies in the kitchen and inside the ice machine. There was also an issue with an employee not washing their hands before preparing food.

The lowest score in Madison County this week comes from the Brickhouse Sports Cafe. It gets a 78 because of foods at the wrong temperature, a dirty ice chute, a broken sink and a mess near the grease bin. The sink, ice chute and grease bin issues were fixed by the time inspectors came back a few days later.

The Burger King on S. Jefferson Street in Athens has the lowest score in Limestone County this week with a 79 because of a dirty ice machine, an employee not washing hands and milk at the wrong temperature.

The Red Lobster on Beltline Road in Decatur has the lowest score in Morgan County with an 84 due to multiple foods at the wrong temperature.

In Lauderdale County, Cousson’s in Killen is written up for keeping outdated coleslaw and gets an 87.

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