20-acre construction project in Madison County on Highway 72 East

20-acre construction project in Madison County on Highway 72 East

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Construction is taking place off of Highway 72 East in Madison County near Ryland Pike, and the area is almost 20 acres.

Construction workers say it hasn’t been determined what buildings or businesses will soon occupy the area.

People who live and work near the construction site are divided on what they want to see built.

“It would be really nice to see some commercial stuff go into the area, it would really help support the growth that’s going to come out residentially. They’ve done some work on Highway 72 traffic flow. So it would be really good to see some grocery stores, some restaurants, maybe a movie theater,” said Ryan Lindow.

But not everybody is a fan of this construction.

Carolyn Garland has lived right across the street for 14 years. When she moved in this area it looked more like a forest, and she’s worried about what might pop up.

“Nobody will tell us if they’re going to do something detrimental to our property values or to our life style,” said Garland.

But her family members have a wish list for what they want this massive area to turn into.

“My son in law is very much in favor if a Moe’s and a Chick Fil A. I have heard a Lowe’s or a Home Depot. The problem I have with that is night time deliveries. I definitely don’t want something as commercial as a Target, or a 24 Hour grocery store,” said Garland.

With almost 20 acres of land, there are a lot of options for the land developer and as soon as we know for sure what will be built right here at this location, we’ll give you the First Alert.

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