Rocket City looking to become a rockin’ city

From Rockets to Rockin

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville is known as “The Rocket City,” but it could soon be known as “The Rockin’ City!”

In 2018, the Huntsville City Council approved for a London-based music consultant to evaluate Huntsville and its potential to make a name for itself in music. Now, after months of studies, interviews, surveys and public meetings, the results are in!

Today, the city will present these research findings, which will hopefully lead to big things for Huntsville’s music industry - like more of your favorite artists making tour stops here.

“This is what’s called a great routing area," says Events Coordinator Justin Crisler. "In the music world, this is a place where if a band is passing through on their way to Nashville, or on their way to Memphis, on the way to Chattanooga, Birmingham... It’s a great spot to stop on the way to another show or going home from that show.”

The initiative could make a big impact on local artists as well, allowing for new opportunities like music festivals and strategies to help leverage Huntsville’s performance spaces.

“There’s a huge potential for a lot of music from a lot of talented people in this area," says Jimmy Henderson, a local musician.

Still, some feel Huntsville’s overall success at becoming a music city all depends on community support.

“You can say you’re in music, you can say you’re known for this... But if people don’t come out and support it, then it’s just a numbers game," says Huntsville’s 92.9 DJ Freak Daddy. "It doesn’t matter what you call yourself. If you don’t get the community behind it, it’s not going to help anybody.”

The presentation will take place at the Von Braun Center Concert Hall at 12:00 p.m.

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