Officials propose revamping Joe Davis Stadium into multi-use facility

Officials propose revamping Joe Davis Stadium into multiuse facility

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Ever since the Huntsville Stars left in 2015, the big question has been what will happen to Joe Davis Stadium.

Thursday night, the Huntsville City Council started to get some suggestions from the city administration.

The proposal would turn the stadium into a multi-use facility for high school football, professional soccer, lacrosse and other city events.

The construction would revamp the exterior and remove lower level seats to expand the field. The caveat is the stadium would lose more than 3,000 seats, but city administrator John Hamilton says that’s intentional.

The recommendations would cost $8 million.

This is a much better number to wrap the council’s head around than the $40 million price tag for an amphitheater that was once talked about.

More details on the proposal are on the city’s website.

Nothing is finalized, but Hamilton says the next step is hiring an architect.

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