Limestone County sheriff back at work following indictment; charges outlined

Limestone County sheriff back at work following indictment; charges outlined

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely is back at work just as his attorney promised. This comes after the attorney general’s office indicted the 10-term sheriff on theft and ethics charges Thursday.

Blakely promised to continue carrying out his duties, as well as his open-door policy.

He says he went about his day as he usually would. He went to breakfast and lunch with people in the county and has been meeting with constituents all day.

However, those 13 indictment charges are still looming.

The Limestone County circuit clerk published Blakely’s charges on Friday. Each charge in the indictment from the attorney general’s office is very detailed.

Charges one through four are all different degrees of theft. Court documents show those charges stem back to Blakely’s campaign trail while running for office. He is accused of misusing around $11,000.

Charges five through 10 accuse Blakely of taking several thousand dollars from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Fund.

Charge 11 alleges the illegal wiring of $1,000 outside normal business practices.

Charges 12 and 13 accuse Blakely of using his official position for personal gain. The indictment shows Blakely allegedly sought interest-free loans for a total value of more than $72,000. Number 13 specifies this interest-free loan, claiming Blakely was taking money that belonged to Limestone County inmates.

Blakely’s attorney, Mark McDaniel, says his team is working on filing motions against the Alabama Ethics Act in preparation for their hearing.

Gov. Kay Ivey said there are no plans to ask Blakely to step aside temporarily, but she will appoint a replacement if he is convicted.

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