Search suspended for missing person in Tennessee River in Sheffield

Search underway for missing person in Tennessee River in Sheffield

COLBERT COUNTY (WAFF) - Crews are suspending their search for a missing person, while Sheffield Police try to figure out if anyone is actually missing. Police were called early Friday for a person who disappeared in the Tennessee River at Riverfront Park.

Crews say they got a call around 3 a.m. that a man was scene jumping into the water off of the dock but never resurfaced.

Witnesses say the man told them he was attempting to swim across the river.

When authorities arrived on the scene they found a man’s driver’s license. That license did not belong to the person they are searching for.

“If there is any chance you are missing someone or a loved one more than likely it will be a white male 30-40 years of age please let us know. Check on them and see if you got some information we need to know so please contact us,” said Sheffield Police Department Captain Scott Wallace.

When authorities receive new details on who the missing person could be, they plan to resume search efforts.

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