Prosecutors: 3rd suspect in Huntsville capital murder case on the run

Prosecutors: 3rd suspect in Huntsville capital murder case on the run

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - During Wednesday’s capital murder preliminary hearing for Darius Johnson, it was revealed authorities are looking for a third suspect in connection to a June drug deal that ended in a fatal shooting.

Huntsville police investigators with the Major Crimes Unit say they aren’t ready to release that suspects name, but add U.S. Marshals are looking for her.

Darius Johnson, 21, and Tavias Drake, 25, are both charged with capital murder. Police officials say the pair created a ploy to buy drugs from 25-year-old Rashaud Greenwood. In the end, Greenwood was shot and killed.

In his preliminary hearing, investigators testified Johnson was the trigger man. The accuse him of fatally shooting Greenwood in the abdomen with a rifle.

On June 8, the third suspect went to Greenwood’s apartment off Bob Wallace Avenue to “scope the area out” and report back to Johnson and Drake. Overnight June 9, the investigator testified Drake went to the apartment for a drug deal. With Johnson behind, the pair had plans to rob Greenwood.

“That robbery was based around buying drugs from the victim. When they got there, they were never going to buy drugs," said Madison County Asst. District Attorney Paul Barnett. "They were going to take any money or drugs they were able to find.”

The investigator said a masked Johnson walked in demanding cash and telling Greenwood to “give me whatever you’ve got.”

To their surprise, Greenwood was armed and began to fire. That’s when Johnson fired at Greenwood. He was transported to Huntsville Hospital where he later died.

Days later police received an anonymous tip that Johnson and Drake were the robbers.

Several neighbors who heard gunshots called 911.

A female who happened to be at Greenwood apartment during the crime identified Drake in a line-up.

Drake initially denied involvement but later confessed. He named both the third suspect and Johnson, according to the investigator.

The third suspect told police she was not involved. However, she did admit to knowing Johnson and talking with him through Facebook. The day of the crime, she told investigators she hadn’t talked with him much.

Authorities asked to search her phone, but at first she gave them her brother’s phone.

Once authorities caught on, they issued a warrant for her phone records. It detailed consistent and late night phone calls between she and Johnson.

A capital murder warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Johnson surrendered to authorities in July.

The defense team questioned how much evidence they have against Johnson. His family members calling everything “he say, she say.”

The judge found probably cause for the case to be heard before a grand jury.

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