Grissom parent banned for bringing airsoft gun to school

Grissom parent banned for bringing airsoft gun to school

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville City Schools took swift action when a parent showed up at Grissom High School with an airsoft gun Wednesday.

School spokesman Keith Ward said the parent entered the school at dismissal time with an airsoft gun in a holster on her hip. School staff and campus security informed the campus police officers, who responded immediately.

The police officers determined it was an airsoft gun rather than a firearm.

Ward said the parent was escorted off the property and informed that she is no longer allowed on campus or any other Huntsville City Schools property.

“The safety and well-being of our students and staff is a priority at Grissom High School. Board policy prohibits firearms, toy guns, Air Soft guns, or any similar item from being brought into a school building, on school grounds, on HCS property, on school buses, or at school-sponsored functions except for authorized law enforcement personnel. Non-students who violate this policy may be banned from HCS property in addition to any action taken by law enforcement," Grissom’s principal, Jeanne Greer, said in a statement to parents.

“Our procedures require all visitors to sign in at the school’s front office and receive a visitor pass before entering any other part of the building. Even though many of you are individuals we already know, following this procedure is mandatory, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation. Thank you for your help in ensuring that we have a safe school,” she said.

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