Sheffield hopes to get grant to help clean up streets

Sheffield hopes to get grant to help clean up streets

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - Sheffield city leaders are working to help clean up some trouble spots around the city.

Officials are hoping to get some money from the state to help residents get these eyesores away from their homes.

When neighbors open their front doors along Southeast 20th Street in Sheffield, they’re greeted with an eyesores from a vacant lot across the street from their homes.

Throughout the the street there are overgrown weeds and enormous piles of rubble.

The vacant lot on Southeast 20th Street is one of six just like it in the city.

Mary Smithers lives only a few houses down from the vacant lot. She says it’s about time the city is finally stepping in to help fix this problem.

“When I come down the street every morning it just looks awful in the neighborhood," said Smithers.

WAFF also talked to Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford, who says the city is hoping a grant will help them clean up these trouble spots.

He says the city has applied for a $121,000 grant from the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments.

If approved some residents may be disappointed, because the money won't cover all the trouble spots.

But Sanford says it’s a start to help residents who live near the worst of it.

He says if they get the grant, then they’ll announce where that money will go.

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