Rats & gnats: Your August 16th, 2019 Kitchen Cops report

Updated: Aug. 16, 2019 at 6:49 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Another week, another Waffle House making headlines for the wrong reasons on Kitchen Cops. Last week, the problems were in Madison County, now it’s Lauderdale County. The Waffle House on Florence Boulevard scores a 78 after inspectors found roaches, a dishwasher without hot enough water and paperwork issues.

Elsewhere in the Shoals, the A to Z Foodmart in Sheffield gets an 83 because of rodents in the building, mold in soda fountains and unapproved chemicals. All of those issues were fixed before a followup inspection a few days later.

The lowest score across north Alabama this week is Mike’s Food Mart on Highway 72 in Athens. It scores a 69 after the Kitchen Cops found foods at the wrong temperature, problems with the hot water, not enough cleaning chemicals in the sink, and a child hanging out in an “employees only” area.

In Morgan County, the Chow King on the Beltline gets an 80 because of dumpster problems and missing cleaner. The Marathon at Highway 55 & I-65 in Falkville gets a 79 because of dirty soda nozzles and food temperature issues. The Taste of China on Point Mallard Parkway gets an 85 because of insects, rodents and other pests noted in the building.

See notes from Madison County under this video:

The Conoco on Pulaski and Stringfield has the lowest score in Madison County. The Kitchen Cops found flies and gnats in the kitchen, along with dirty ice machines and issues with the hot water. The insects and hot water problems were fixed before a followup inspection, but the ice machine was not. Elsewhere, Hopper’s Bar & Grill on University Drive earns a 78 because of a half dozen foods at the wrong temperature. Wendy’s at South Parkway and Bob Wallace gets an an 83 due to broken equipment and dirty drink nozzles. And Top Golf at Mid-City had foods at the wrong temperature and a dirty utensils. It gets an 86.

Bar Louie at Bridge Street has been on our trouble spots list all year. Their score this week is a big improvement, but still only an 86 due to foods at the wrong temperature. Staying at Bridge Street, the Kona grill had to clean out it’s ice machine after scoring an 86, and the Holmes Mini Mart in Huntsville earns an 81 because of flies, gnats and rats in the building!

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