Alabama A&M students, staff mourn loss of 2nd student this summer

Alabama A&M students, staff mourn loss of 2nd student this summer

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Students and staff at Alabama A&M University are grieving after losing another student, this time just one day before the first day of school.

Javaon Ousley was shot and killed in Talladega in an officer-involved shooting Tuesday afternoon.

This is the second student death in less than two months for Alabama A&M. 32-year-old Deloi Cook of Talladega was found dead in the Normal Hills Apartments on the Alabama A&M campus on July 9.

“You see a lot of faces and to know that two of those faces you might’ve seen are no longer going to be on campus, that’s the sad part," sophomore Will Balderrama said.

Balderrama said he didn’t know Ousley personally, but the loss still hurts.

“It’s very sad, especially considering he was 19 like me, he had many more years to go,” he said.

Micah Griffin, director of Alabama A&M's counseling center, said the entire community will be hurting.

“The ultimate thing is that a student has unfortunately passed away," Griffin said. "So there is a family that was involved, students, peers friends so there is an entire community that’s going to be dealing with this grief and loss.”

Griffin said as the community reacts to the loss of now two students in a short period of time it is important for people to support each other.

“I encourage you to contact us because grief can show up at anytime, it can be a month from now, a week from now, a day from now," he said. “But I would just encourage you to talk to somebody.”

Neither Griffin nor Balderama said they knew Ousley well, but Ousley’s grandfather said he was a nice young man who was looking forward to his second year at Alabama A&M. His grandmother wants answers.

“I would just like to say that it’s just another young life lost. And we just want to know what happened,” Janice Ousley said.

Balderama just hopes some good can come of this tragedy.

“I know we’re a really strong family and I love being here so I hope we can come together to do something great about this and find ways to stop this from happening again," Balderama said.

Griffin encourages anyone struggling with these losses in anyway to talk to someone at the counseling center or a trusted friend.

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