Madison City Council gives road project bids the green light

Madison City Council gives road project bids the green light

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - Drivers in Madison could see some road work in the near future.

Monday, the Madison City Council approved bids for three projects

  • The widening of Hughes Road (awarded at $5,954,822.30 to Carcel & G Construction, LLC)
  • The widening of Sullivan Street (awarded at $5,734,987.38 to Reed Contract Services, Inc.)
  • The creation of a multi-use path on Wall Triana (awarded at $1,286,130 to SJ&L General Contractor, LLC)

Mayor Paul Finley said the city will be working with contractors on a start date for all three projects.

“Be careful what you ask for, because here comes some orange traffic cones in a lot of different places in Madison. It’s a great sight to see, it’ll be frustrating for awhile,” he said.

Hughes Road and Sullivan Street will both be widened to five lanes (two lanes either way and a center turn lane).

Hughes Road will see improvements to its multi-use path, and new stoplights will be introduced on Sullivan Street (at West Dublin Drive and Royal Drive).

An 8-foot wide multi use path will be built along the west side of Wall Triana, between Gillespie and Browns Ferry roads.

The combined cost of the projects is $12,975,939.70, which is $308,922 over budget.

The city will be paying it from the Municipal Government Capital Improvement fund. That fund is money from the state designated for road use.

Finley said the projects were a necessity, and using the state funds was an efficient way to pay for it.

“We want to go ahead and use it for exactly that, we’re fine with pulling a little bit of extra money. The fact that it’s only $300,000, based on what we had budgeted, is a big win for the city,” he said.

Madison resident Gary Jones has been advocating for the Wall Triana multi-use path for months. He said he’s grateful for the safety it’ll provide the young children and the elderly in the area.

“Thank you so much to the council and the mayor, a pre-thank you, it’s not solid yet until we get some action and some results," he said.

Madison residents should buckle up, because those results are on the way.

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