Tennessee Valley pastors trying to prevent hate

Tennessee Valley pastors trying to prevent hate

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Mass shootings and other acts of violence are becoming all too normal.

Local pastors and clergy are hoping a conversation will teach us all to turn the other cheek.

Hundreds of people packed First Presbyterian Church to be a part of a larger conversation.

How can we as a community help combat the hate and violence that continues to happen in our country?

Many people in the room felt anguish for the more than 30 people gunned down in El Paso and Dayton.

Sunday, the dynamic panel of faith-based leaders brought people from all walks of life to invoke change in the world.

“All hands are on deck to solve this thing and no one group of people is going to be able to solve it. It’s going to take everyone to come together to focus on our common humanity and destiny,"said the Rev. Gregory Bentley.

Many of the panelists preached a message for people to love thy neighbor.

“Just stopping binary thinking, you know, gay, straight, white, nonwhite, citizen and non-citizen, changing that thinking and accepting human beings for who they are. It sounds cliche, but it’s a small piece that can help change the system,” said panelist Yalitza Lafontaine.

And perhaps change the way of the world, turning it into a place that chooses love over hate.

“Whether that’s talking to your neighbors or getting involved in an organization that allows you be active in a positive cause,” said Lafontaine.

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