Back to school can mean more stress for a lot of students

Back to school can mean more stress for a lot of students

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - August means going back to school and the classroom, but for some students, it also means a lot more stress.

Laurel Kasmai, a counselor at Sparkman High School, said going back to school is tough for kids for a lot of reasons, whether it be friends, grades, or other reasons.

Drew Whitt, a senior at Sparkman, said she is stressed about her future.

“For this year, I’m most stressed about applying for colleges and writing those essays and getting scholarships,” Whitt said.

Kasmai said she agrees, whether it be college, the military, the workforce, etc., the future can be a big stress for high school students, especially those who did not start thinking of their future earlier on in their high school career.

“Most stress because they don’t even know where to begin.” Kasmai said. “Do I apply to the college first? Do I request my transcripts first?"

Kasmai said one of the focuses of counselors throughout Madison County Schools is to get kids thinking about future plans earlier than their senior year.

Whitt said she sees her counselors as a major help.

“They relieve a lot of stress because they tell you the information you need to know,” she said.

Along with college, Kasmai says friends, bullying, social media and outside responsibilities are some of the main things stressing out high school students.

Whitt said what helps her is spending time with family and not being on social media all the time.

“You’re not so worried about who’s liking your post or who you got a Snapchat from,” Whitt said. “Focus more on face-to-face conversations and focus on your school.”

She also said her friend group helps her a lot with all of the different stresses from school.

“The way to think about it is you're all going through it together,” Whitt said. “What they're going through is what I’m going through, as well. So just talking it out with each other is a major help.”

Kasmai said for those students struggling with making friends they have an event near the beginning of the school year to show off different clubs students can join.

Kasmai said for whatever is stressing kids out, it is important they open up and talk to someone about it, whether that person be a trusted adult or friend.

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