School years starts smoothly at Muscle Shoals High

School years starts smoothly at Muscle Shoals High

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - The first week of the new school year in Muscle Shoals ended Friday.

The first week can sometimes be described as controlled chaos and anxiety. Teachers and faculty at Muscle Shoals High School say so far everything is going according to plan.

“It’s exciting to be back at school with my friends again so I’m glad we get to bond and make some new friends and show the underclassmen a lot of stuff and show them around the school,” said student Javer Strong.

Muscle Shoals High School administrators say it was all hands on deck to ensure the first week went smoothly. They say a big thank you goes out to the upperclassmen volunteers who helped freshmen get adjusted to the new school environment.

“I’m an ambassador so it’s my job to make sure the underclassmen make it from point A to point B,” Javer said.

Students are also already getting hyped to join extracurricular activities.

“I’m on the dance team and some of my best friends are on it so I’m excited for this season," said Maggie Tubbs.

Seniors are preparing for graduation and getting focused on college, so it was not all fun and games for them.

“My biggest focus right now is getting my ACT score up a little bit, so I’ve been tutoring and stuff because that’s my main focus,” Javer said.

“The ACT it the biggest thing right now because scholarships are almost all based off of that. I’m doing a little bit of tutoring and really working hard to get as much scholarship money as I can,” said Maggie.

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