Police: Scottsboro teen lied about shooting friend in the face

Police: Scottsboro teen lied about shooting friend in the face

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - A teen arrested in connection to a 17-year-old Scottsboro teen’s death made his first appearance in court Thursday. 16-year-old Jacob Tyler Isbell is charged in connection to the death of Anthony Scott.

Scott died July 4 from a gunshot wound to the face. The Scottsboro Police Department charged Isbell with manslaughter.

During a preliminary hearing Thursday, the lead detective on the case outlined the events that lead up to Scott’s death and what unfolded afterwards.

Spelled out in a written statement to authorities, Isbell says he and a group of friends stole several guns after breaking into two cars. A third car with the keys inside was stolen by the group as well.

The detective testified that while in the stolen vehicle, the group picked up Scott. It’s unclear if he was aware of the previous thefts.

The teens ended up at a home in the 19000 block of Highway 35, according to the detective. It appears everyone except Scott lived at this home.

The stolen vehicle was dropped off on County Road 17 near the “Blue Hole” out of fears someone was trailing them.

While at the home off Highway 35, Isbell told investigators they were all messing around with the stolen guns when the one he was holding went off and struck Scott in the face.

In a panic, two of the three guns were hidden in the woods before the group took Scott to Highlands Medical Center.

Scott was shot in the face, according to police. The detective testified he was shot once, but his family believes he was shot at least twice.

Firefighters at Highlands initially began treating Scott’s wounds before he was flown to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, TN where he later died.

Initially the group of teens told officers they found Scott along County Road 17, picked him up out of generosity and rushed him to the hospital. While in questioning later, Isbell told investigators the group agreed on this lie before arriving to the hospital.

At some point later that morning after officers went to CR-17 with Isbell, he confessed to accidentally shooting Scott.

All three teens were read their rights at the station and questioned. Isbell’s assault charge was upgraded to manslaughter after Scott passed away July 4. A juvenile was also charged with theft.

At the home off Highway 35, the investigator said a loaded gun was found with the safety off. It is believed that was the gun Isbell accidentally fired.

A judge ruled that there was enough evidence for a manslaughter charge. The case will go before a grand jury.

Isbell’s bond status remains, though he bonded out sometime last week.

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