Customer call leads Kitchen Cops to roaches in a Waffle House

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Madison County Kitchen Cops - August 9th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Roaches on the walls. Roaches under the sink. Roaches under the ice machine. Roaches by the back door. Those are the notes left on a recent inspection of the Waffle House at University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville. The Kitchen Cops were responding to a customer complaint last week when they found the insects. Since this was an unscheduled inspection, there was no new score issued. According to records, the most recent inspection at this Waffle House was about one month ago, and it scored an 88.

Further up University Drive, the Hooters scores an 81 because of sewage issues and foods at the wrong temperature. The Great American Grill on Governor’s House Drive gets an 85 because of missing sanitizer in the dishwasher and food with a white substance on it. The lowest score in Madison County this week is the Cajun Steamer with an 80. Among other issues, the Kitchen Cops found week old spinach dip and damaged equipment.

In Marshall County, The Raynee Dae Cafe on Swearengin Road scores a 76 after inspectors found unapproved game meat in the building. We’re told it was venison being stored in a refrigerator by an employee that was not for public use. However, inspectors tell us that’s still considered a cross contamination risk, so the cafe was docked points. The County Farms in Grant is written up for food being kept too long, and detergent being stored near utensils. The Santa Fe Cattle Company in Albertville gets an 83 because of dirty soda nozzles and chemicals being stored near clean dishes.

The lowest score in Marshall County belongs to El Camino Real in Guntersville. Kitchen Cops gave it a 75 due to improperly stored chemicals, dirty dishes and utensils, and week old beef found in the kitchen.

More scores, notes and videos below:

Marshall County Kitchen Cops - August 8th, 2019

The scores from northwest Alabama were actually relatively good, with two exceptions. The Captain D’s in Russellville gets an 88 due to a cracked storage container, a missing thermometer and toxic items stored near food. The Waffle House in Russellville scores 76 after inspectors found dirty soda nozzles, missing expiration dates on foods and things like eggs and sausage at the wrong temperature.

The Kitchen Cops in Limestone and Morgan Counties were much less forgiving. See what they found below this video.

Limestone and Morgan County Kitchen Cops, August 9th 2019

A familiar name popped up in the Limestone County reports. Whitt’s Barbecue in Ardmore made headlines with a dismal score in February. The owner blasted inspectors, claiming they were biased against him at the time. Now, there’s been another inspection and the score is better, but still only at an 82. This time, the Kitchen Cops claim they found expired food and flies in the building, missing expiration dates and a dirty can opener.

Other locations in Limestone County scored lower this week, including the El Azteca on North Jefferson Street. It’s hit with a 74 because it’s also missing expiration dates, and there was an issue with hot water at one of it’s sinks. The lowest score of the week belongs to Sportsman’s Park in Athens. It had missing sanitizer in the sink, broken equipment, missing safety paperwork and improper waste disposal procedures.

In Morgan County, the McDonald at 6th Avenue and 8th Street in Decatur gets a 76 due to a large grease spill, and mold in the ice maker and soda nozzles.

See the raw, unedited scores and inspection notes from around north Alabama, click the links below the video:

Shoals Kitchen Cops - August 9th, 2019

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