Suspect in 2017 Huntsville murder fighting for immunity

Published: Aug. 8, 2019 at 6:17 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A man charged in a deadly Huntsville shooting says he acted in self-defense.

In court on Thursday, his defense attorneys worked to show that he was trying to protect other people in a dangerous drug deal.

During Terrien Bone’s immunity hearing, his lawyers argued that Bone should be immune from prosecution in a Huntsville murder case because of how the fatal incident unfolded.

Witnesses testified that Bone was with a couple in a car that night in October 2017 on Keith Street when a drug transaction went south.

According to testimony, the deal was going down inside the car with the victim, James Jones. Shots were fired and Jones was killed. His body was dumped on nearby Joy Circle.

One of the witnesses claims Jones pulled out a gun first to rob them. However, prosecutors indicated that the account differs from statements initially made to police.

Bone's attorneys say in that moment on side of the road as things were escalating inside the car, he was forced to act in self defense.

“This was the immunity where the defense has the opportunity to present evidence to the court to try to meet the evidentiary burden to show that it was self defense and our client had a lawful right to defend not only himself, but others and to use lethal force in that case,” said one of his lawyers, Brian Clark.

There was no ruling on the immunity matter on Thursday. The judge will watch the recorded statement the co-defendant in the case gave to law enforcement. He asked the prosecution and defense to submit post hearing briefs within the next week.

“There’s some evidence that the judge is going to have to review in his chambers,” Clark said. “We look forward to seeing the court’s ruling on that.”

Bone was in court in June regarding surveillance footage of the deadly incident.

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