Lockheed Martin donates $5K to Huntsville STEM club

Lockheed Martin donates $5K to Huntsville STEM club

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Lockheed Martin is donating $5,000 to the robotics team of a Huntsville STEM club.

Company representatives presented a check to the Browncoats robotics team during the Space and Missile Defense Symposium at the Von Braun Center Wednesday.

The team competed in last year’s robotics world championship.

The Browncoats’ mission is to spread awareness and recognition of science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning, or STEM, throughout the community.

“A lot of us go in not having any experience with this so being able to learn all of this and then use it in and to use it in an experience like this is just incredible," said Megan Holbrook.

“STEM is the backbone of our way ahead of the future of this country. It’s not just for Lockheed that we’re doing this. It’s really the country’s mission,” said Jim Rogers of Lockheed Martin.

The group also teaches students life skills, such as teamwork, communication, cooperation, experimentation, public speaking and more.

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