Huntsville student dropped off at wrong bus stop; father still looking for answers

Updated: Aug. 7, 2019 at 6:49 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Walter Alexander said he was very scared Tuesday afternoon when he could not get a hold of his daughter, Uzzaryan Moore, when she was supposed to be getting done with school.

“I’m passed angry. Everything was going through my mind when she didn’t answer the phone,” Alexander said.

Walter Alexander tried to call Moore seven times Tuesday afternoon when she was supposed to be getting back home from James Dawson Elementary.

During that time there was a lot going through his head.

“Anything could’ve happened to her," he said.

Finally, at 4:12, almost an hour after when Alexander was told his daughter would be dropped off at home, she picked up his call.

“She said the bus driver had told her to get off at the last stop with the other two girls that she called her friends, that he didn’t know where she was supposed to go and she needed to get off the bus," Alexander said.

Alexander said his daughter had been dropped in a neighborhood near Pulaski Pike, about a 10 minute drive from where they live on Venona Avenue.

He went on to say that the bus driver left his daughter in the danger zone.

Luckily, Alexander said the parents of the two little girls his daughter was dropped off with helped her get home.

Alexander said he was very grateful for the two parents.

This was the culmination of bus problems all week for Alexander and his daughter. He said no bus came for her Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

Each day Alexander says he’d called Huntsville schools or Apple Bus and someone would assure him the problem would be solved.

"I want them to get everything straight, this is beyond what they're telling me, I want her to have a successful year, I want her to have a bus to take her to and from school."

WAFF reached out to Huntsville City Schools and Apple bus about the incident, Apple Bus sent back this statement in response.

“Apple bus works every day to ensure the safety of all students who travel on our buses. We consider our bus ride the first part of their school day. While privacy laws prevent us from commenting on a specific student, we work with the school principals and district to quickly resolve any issues that are brought to our attention. In order to make sure that we can have a smooth experience for students, we remind parents about the importance of completing all information including bus ridership in the school registration system. We make every effort to work with those who need to ride a bus but have not completed the registration process. Completion of the process will give parents access to the Apple Bus App that provides real time bus location and notification to the parent.”

Alexander said he filled out all of the necessary paperwork for a bus route two weeks before school started.

For now, Alexander does not feel comfortable trusting his daughter with the busing system.

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