Security improvements made at Madison County schools

Security improvements made at Madison County schools

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - If you have a child who attends a school in the Madison County school district, you may notice some changes when you drop them off for the first day of school.

During the summer, officials with Madison County Schools made security improvements to all 28 campuses in their district.

It all starts at the front doors of the school.

"Maybe you get buzzed in. You’re able to come in and get into the lobby, but you’re still not able to get back to the students. We have doors that air lock. Those doors shut and close. You’re not getting through those doors to where the students are unless someone lets you through,” said Madison County school district spokesman Tim Hall.

Running a background check and reviewing your police history might sound like what it takes to get into a secret service building, but that technology is what the receptionist at every school in the Madison County school district uses.

“It rubs a check to make sure that we’re not letting anyone dangerous into the building and then the receptionist has to buzz you through a second set of locking doors to get past the lobby. I was describing the system to a group of parents yesterday at orientation and when I shared that with them they broke into applause,” said Rhonda Booth, principal of Mount Carmel Elementary School.

Booth says she’s glad there are so many safety features.

“Parents hear about very scary things going on in the world and they’re top concern as well as our top concern in the school is student safety,” she said.

Administrators say they don’t want to show all of there secrets and everything that they did in order to keep your kids safe.

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