“Rodent feces” and “live roaches with fresh egg sacks”: Your August 2nd, 2019 Kitchen Cops Report

Limestone County Kitchen Cops: August 2nd 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WAFF) - Kitchen Cops all around north Alabama were busy in the last week of July, and they found plenty of problems you need to know about.

In Madison County, there were over 100 inspections, and less than a dozen scored below a 90. However, some of the issues that were uncovered in those 11 sub-90 restaurants were disgusting.

We’ll start right with the “rodent feces” and “live roaches with fresh egg sacks” in the headline of this story. Both of those issues were noted at the same place - The Discount Food Mart on Highway 72 just outside Gurley. Inspectors also found dirty soda nozzles and a blocked sink. The Discount Mood Mart earned an 82 rating despite those problems.

One of the new hot spots at MidCity is making it’s first appearance on Kitchen Cops. The Twin Peaks get hit with an 84 due to foods at the wrong temperature, and employees handling food without gloves and with fingernails that didn’t meet regulations.

Top performers for Kitchen Cops include Buffalo Wild Wings on Wimberly Drive and Brick Deli on Moulton Street in Decatur. Sam Jon’s on Highway 231 in Lacey’s Spring also received a high score.

Editor’s note: Sam Jon’s address is 4258 Highway 231, Lacey’s Spring, AL.

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Madison County Kitchen Cops: August 2nd, 2019

In Limestone County, inspectors weren’t as forgiving as their comrades in Madison County. Out of 20 inspections, 15 scored below a 95.

The Buffalo Wild Wings on Highway 72 in Athens gets a 79. Six different issues were marked here, including using damaged equipment, not using enough sanitizer, dirty soda nozzles at the bar and sinks not being used properly. The Greenbrier Fuel City and Tanner Fuel city tied for the lowest score this week, with each earning a 78. Both had a lot of the same problems, including - foods at the wrong temperature, dirty ice machines and missing cleaning supplies at the sink. The Greenbrier Restaurant was also hit with a low score, getting an 80. It lost points for a dirty ice maker, no sanitizer in the dishwasher and damaged fryer baskets.

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Shoals Kitchen Cops: August 2nd, 2019

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