Huntsville mother says social media to blame for daughter’s murder

Facebook beef sparked dangerous confrontation
Updated: Jul. 30, 2019 at 6:21 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Have you ever exchanged words with someone on social media? Gotten mad over someone's post or comment?

A Huntsville mother says that kind of tension is what led to her daughter’s death and she has a message for people if they find themselves in a war of words online.

She says comments on a Facebook post got out of hand and led to the fatal confrontation.

Meaca Douglas says her daughter, Jasmine Moore, was always there to comfort her, but now, the beautiful 21-year-old is gone.

“Jasmine was a beautiful soul. She loved her family. She wanted and tried and did help a lot of people. She was a very friendly person. She smiled all the time, even when she was having a bad day,” Douglas said. “The last time I talked to my child she told me she loved me and that everything would be OK.”

Jasmine was fatally shot last Friday at her apartment complex, the Garden Place Apartments on Hood Road in Southwest Huntsville. Her roommate’s sister, Shaniqua Brown, is charged in the case.

Douglas says it all started with a Facebook post from her daughter's roommate. Douglas and her other daughter, Jasmine's sister, commented on the post, asking the roommate to delete it.

"The post was pretty much telling their business," Douglas stated. "She was disrespecting me and my daughter and stuff like that."

Shaniqua Brown also commented on the post.

"I'm now finding out that my daughter got a call, woken up out of her sleep, telling her what was going on. She confronted the lady. She didn't do it on Facebook. She called the lady's phone and asked her why she was disrespecting her mother," Douglas said.

As things escalated, Jasmine Moore and Shaniqua Brown ended up coming face to face at the apartment complex.

"She went over there to fight my daughter and my daughter fought her and they said she beat her up pretty bad. Then, she left and came back and shot my daughter in her house," Douglas revealed.

According to her, Jasmine had been bullied by the suspect before.

“I never thought things would go this far. I tried to tell my daughter to calm down and that everything would be OK. I told her not to say anything to her to make the situation worse. I guess that day, the 26th, that was the last straw,” Douglas added. “It got out of hand and I never expected for me to have to bury my child after an altercation.”

Now, Jasmine’s family is coping with loss. Her relatives are still in shock at how things played out. It’s been difficult for her family members to plan for her funeral. She didn’t have insurance because she hadn’t been at her job long enough. A fundraising account has been set up in Jasmine’s honor to raise money so she can be laid to rest. You can donate by clicking here.

Visitation is set for Friday at noon Royal Funeral Home in Huntsville. Her funeral service is set for Saturday at Owens Chapel Missionary Baptist Church at noon.

Meaca Douglas hopes the case cautions others not to take social media drama to an extreme.

“Don’t ever post your business on Facebook. Be careful who you talk to and trust,” she said. “If someone gets on there and wants to argue and do extra stuff, ignore it. If it continues, tell somebody, call somebody. Screenshot stuff. Store stuff in your phone. This is something that I’m hoping will show people what one little thing can escalate to.”

The suspect, Shaniqua Brown, is being held in Madison County Jail, charged with murder.

Jasmine Moore’s family will be in the courtroom for every hearing in the future.

"I'll be there every step of the way," Douglas stated. "I want her justice and I feel that she deserves her justice."

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