Huntsville City Schools updated app lets you monitor bus routes

Huntsville City Schools updated app lets you monitor bus routes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you have a child who attends Huntsville City Schools, the first day of school is Aug. 5.

If you want them riding the bus, you’ll want to download the Safe Stop App so you can track the bus in real time.

Parents can customize the app to give them an alert five minutes ahead of time or ten minutes ahead of time when the bus is going to be there, so they don’t have to stand out there for 30 minutes for the bus to get there. The app is GPS based and it will alert them to the parameters that they set for it,” said transportation coordinator Scott Gillies.

Some parents are happy they can use their phones to track the bus because they say there were issues last year.

“There were some days my kids weren’t picked up. There were days the bus drivers just rolled by them,” said LaShaundra Sullivan.

Sullivan says she’ll download the app so she can monitor her kids and the bus.

“I’ll definitely be downloading the app. I will feel better just knowing, being able to track them and the buses and know where they are,” said Sullivan.

The Huntsville city school district uses 150 buses and there are 165 drivers. Every year each bus driver must take a recertification class in order to maintain their license.

“The hiring of bus drivers is an extensive process. All drivers go through background checks, through Apple Bus and also through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the FBI,” said Gillies.

All of the bus drivers at Huntsville City Schools have been practicing their routes for several weeks to make sure they get your child to and from school safely.

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