HPD responds to dozens of calls about children left in cars and they’re not false alarms

HPD responds to dozens of calls about children left in cars and they’re not false alarms

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Don't leave your child or pet in the car!

Officers with the Huntsville Police Department say people in the Tennessee Valley aren’t doing a good job obeying.

Lt. Michael Johnson says during the summer they’ve responded to dozens of calls because people have left their child in a hot car. On Monday, July 29, members of the Huntsville Police Department responded to three calls!

Leaving a child unattended in a hot car is a problem we’ve seen across the state and around the country.

Exactly one week ago, two ladies in Scottsboro were arrested for leaving a child in a car inside a Walmart parking.

On Friday, July 26, two kids died in a hot car in New York. One child died in Florida on Monday, July 29.

Members of HPD are grateful for the calls they’ve received, but they want you to pay more attention.

"Yesterday we had about three in Huntsville alone. None of those really planned out to be actual criminal charges or anything like that or any ambulances had to be called or injuries. But we always encourage anybody if they see a situation where a child may be in danger or even a pet, we get calls on pets as well, being left in cars, so give us a call,” said Johnson.

As to why there were no charges in Monday’s calls, police tell us they look at the details of every case, including the child’s age and mental capacity, as well as potential injuries.

Johnson says when you call police you never know what you might be preventing. If you leave a child in a car, you could face several charges including endangerment to a child, which is defined by law as anyone under the age of 16.

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