Huntsville City Council approves new downtown hotel

Huntsville City Council approves new downtown hotel

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Travelers to Huntsville will have some new options soon if they want to stay downtown.

Thursday night, the City Council approved a development agreement with Southaven Associates LLC to put a new hotel at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Holmes Avenue.

The hotel will be nine stories, have 145 rooms, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

The brand will by Hyatt House by Hyatt and feature a rooftop bar and meeting space.

The building will replace the parking lot located to the southeast of the federal courthouse.

Part of the city agreement grants the hotel the rights to 205 spaces on the to-be-constructed Greene Street parking garage (which will ultimately feature 490 spots).

Tony Gann is a business owner on Jefferson Street and attended the meeting.

He said the hotel will make a tight parking situation downtown even more cramped.

“There’s no way for the clients to park, we’re having problems because we don’t have our employees to park, landlords are having a problem because they can’t rent spaces and bring in more small businesses because there is no where for them to park,” Gann said.

City administrator John Hamilton said the Greene Street garage will be completed before the hotel opens its’ doors, and in the mean time concerned residents should touch base with the city.

“Obviosly there are some people who will get displaced during the construction, so the parking division is working through how we mitigate that, so they’ll need to go to temporary sites so they’ll get parking passes for a certain period of time then move into a new garage," Hamilton said.

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