Morgan County deputies and SROs prepare for active shooter scenarios

Morgan County deputies are ready for anything

Morgan County deputies and SROs prepare for active shooter scenarios

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Threatening situations can happen anywhere at anytime.

Morgan County deputies and school resource officers are working to train through every possible scenario.

“We try to make it more realistic doing ‘sim’ rounds, to simulate a real gun fight to prepare our deputies for the unknown," Morgan County Lt. Eric Fields said.

Fields lead deputies through the tactical exercises at Brewer High School in Somerville, Tuesday.

“School of course, that’s a major concern to the sheriff’s office if this situation was to happen, but that nowadays can happen anywhere. Whether it be a public event, a mall, a store, that tactic that we use can apply to any of those," Fields explained.

Deputies go through active shooter training annually within the sheriff’s office, with SROs are required by the state to do it annually, as well as within the sheriff’s office.

Fields says this is the first time under Sheriff Puckett that deputies have done the training.

“This administration has a huge focus on training the deputies in these ways. This is the first year, and we’re going to try to advance that in the tactics we use to make it better each time,” Fields continued.

Deputies are the first to go in to diffuse threatening situations. They go over scenarios in a classroom first, then practice the tactics first-hand.

“It gives the deputies an opportunity to see it unfold realistically and make them make changes,” Fields said.

SROs will be in every Morgan County School starting this fall.

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