Utility pole damages several Muscle Shoals police cars

Utility pole damages several Muscle Shoals police cars

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - On Thursday, we gave you the First Alert about a tractor trailer that hit a utility pole, knocking it down and ultimately damaging several police cars.

A telephone poll came crashing into not only one, but five police cars.

The cars’ windows shattered, police lights dismantled, and dents all around the vehicles.

All of this happened on Thursday afternoon; The power went out for four hours at the Muscle Shoals Police Department. Mayor David Bradford says this freak accident left them in a jam.

"It took our communications out, not only with the phones, but the internet controls and our dispatch service,” said Bradford.

Luckily the department had backup generators. Mayor Bradford says utility employees worked around the clock to get the power back on.

The big problem now is getting their wrecked patrol cars back on the road.

“I spoke to someone with the Alabama Municipal insurance right away because five or six patrol vehicles are off the road," said Bradford.

He says for now police officers will have share vehicles until they get the repairs done. One patrol car is totaled, and the other vehicles are being assessed for damage. Either way it's going to cost a pretty penny.

"We will be waiting for an adjuster the approximate cost and then we will have to schedule time for those to be prepared; so, it will be an inconvenience,” said Bradford.

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