Redstone Arsenal health officials offer heat safety tips for workforce, retirees

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT
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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WAFF) - As you know it's summer in Alabama. and that means it's HOT!!

The "feels like" temperatures were in the triple digits across the Valley on Friday.

Redstone Arsenal has a massive workforce and keeping everyone safe when the temperatures sizzle is a top priority for the staff at Fox Army Health Center on the installation.

"Things you want to do throughout the summer months whether you're in uniform or any other kind of work attire is to dress as lightly as possible. Obviously, hydration is completely necessary during this time. You can't drink enough water. It's hard to track how much sweat you're losing and how your body is regulating its temperature depends on each individual. A lot of that has to do with age and physical ability," explained LTC Sean Riley, Deputy Commander for Nursing.

LTC Riley also shared tips for the thousands of military retirees living in the Tennessee Valley.

“Anybody over the age of 65 is usually a little bit more at risk because of their health and medications they take. Hydration status is really important because of how they’re regulating their blood pressure and their heart rate,” he said.

Listen to your body and how it's reacting.

“Certain signs of heat exhaustion include cool, clammy hands, some dizziness, confusion and headaches. But that can quickly turn into heat stroke and that is a medical emergency. If you have any level of conscious changes, your body stops sweating, definitely call 911,” LTC Riley stated.

The heat and humidity are here so if you're doing PT or if you're at work, take precautions.

“Fox is always here to support any medical needs of the community because this is the most special population and we’re just honored to take care of them,” LTC Riley added.

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