New technology keeping drugs out of local jails

Morgan County jail works to eliminate hidden drugs going to inmates

New technology keeping drugs out of local jails

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Believe it or not, drugs of all sorts get into jails throughout the country.

It’s anything from marijuana, to suboxone strips, to heroin, to fentanyl.

Morgan County jail staff tells WAFF 48 News they’re working to combat this. By using a digital scanning system to deliver mail.

“We’re having one officer scan that through and assign it to an inmate which makes our officers not have to take time to pass that out and do all that,” jail administrative Lt. Richard Moats said.

Every piece of mail that comes in will be scanned into the Jail View system, a system inmates are already familiar.

Jailers go through anywhere from 150 to 350 pieces of mail every day. Right now, fentanyl is their biggest concern.

“It’s a never-ending game with us, it’s a constant cat and mouse game. It’s the job of the inmates to get the drugs in, it’s our job to find it,” Moats explained.

People will put it on post cards and inside letters since it can be ingested through the skin.

However, with the new mailing system, that won’t be an issue anymore.

“As much problem as we have with an opioid epidemic and drug addiction inside Morgan County, our job in the jail is to get people rehabilitated while they’re here and prevent them from continuing their habits and making them want to change their lives to get off their habits,” Moats said.

Inmates will have their mail instantly by going to the Jail View kiosks in every unit.

The new system will be up and running by Monday.

Lt. Moats says this will help keep drugs out and keep inmates and jail staff safe.

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