Pictures showing man leading dog tied to brick gets attention of police, animal services

Pictures showing man leading dog tied to brick gets attention of police, animal services

ROCKWELL, N.C. (WBTV) - A social media post has outraged many across the area and gotten the attention of law enforcement and animal control officials in Rowan County.

Pictures appear to show a man walking a puppy on a leash, with at least one brick tied to the dog that he is dragging behind.

“That’s terrible, that’s just terrible," said Taylor Hopkins while looking at the pictures that created a sensation on social media. “I hope they catch this dude.”

The man in the pictures has been identified after the post went viral. Lots of folks in Rockwell know him.

“I actually know who the fella is, he comes in the store where I work," said April Combs.

The pictures appear to have been taken in a convenience store parking lot just off Highway 52. The man has the puppy on a leash, and the puppy appears to be dragging at least one brick behind him.

Police are very familiar with the man and have spoken to him about the incident. He hasn’t been charged with anything yet. Rowan County Animal Services is also part of the investigation.

“We are looking into it, it is an ongoing investigation, and one thing everybody should be aware of is, with an investigation, until we get all of our facts straight, it would be counter-productive to put out the wrong information," said Director Bob Pendergrass.

There is one good thing about the case that is apparent according to officials. They say it shows that people are paying attention and that if they suspect abuse they don’t hesitate to report it.

“We can only investigate things that we hear about. Some things you see, but we cannot see it all so we do rely a lot on the public to help us," Pendergrass added.

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