Changes coming to Huntsville City Schools dress code, cellphone policy

Huntsville City Schools policy changes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - During Tuesday’s Huntsville city school board meeting, the school board approved two policy changes. One that updates the current dress code policy and a second change to the current personal electronic device policy.

There are no drastic changes to the dress code policy. The school board made three revisions every student in Huntsville City Schools needs to know. The first deals with the length of shorts. Donna Clark, behavior learning coordinator for Huntsville City Schools, tells WAFF 48 News they adjusted the length of shorts. “Instead of saying covering the bottom, it’s mid-thigh.”

The new policy also changes the language in regards to over sized clothes. The school system has always had a policy banned wearing over sized clothes but, Clark says the new policy emphasizes clothes that are extremely over sized. “A student who might wear a size medium fit wise, but would wear a 3X, that’s too large,” said Clark.

Students who choose to wear over sized shirts will be required to tuck them in. The school system is keeping the same policy regarding hoodies. Students are allowed to wear hoodies that fit appropriately but, they are not allowed to wear the hoods.

Another change the board approved deals with personal electronic devices, or cellphones. The school system has always had a policy in regards to the PED’s, the board approved that the policy is added to the students code of conduct book. The policy also expands what kind of devices are not allowed to be used during school hours. They include cellphones, tablets, smart watches, airpods, and future electronic devices that haven’t been created. “We live in a world where headphones and ear buds and all of that is very popular and it’s part of the educational process. However, it can be disruptive,” said Clark.

Huntsville City School board approved changes to the school systems dress code and policy changes
Huntsville City School board approved changes to the school systems dress code and policy changes (Source: WAFF)

There are two guidelines students will have to follow in regards to the PED’s. The first is that students are not allowed to have the devices out during school hours. The devices must be turned off, not on vibrate, and placed in either a backpack, purse, or locker until the school day is finished.

Clark said the only time students could potentially have their devices out is if a teacher gives them permission to. “If a teacher wants to use it as part of an assignment, you know to look up something on their cellphone, that’s the world we live in.” Clark also said students could potentially use their phones during their power hour, but that would be up to the school to decide.

The board approved all of these changes, they will go into effect in the fall.

You can view the changes to the dress code and PED policy on the Huntsville City School’s website.

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