Police: Huntsville man bit off woman’s pinky finger

Updated: Jul. 8, 2019 at 6:50 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A bizarre attack in northeast Huntsville has left a woman missing a finger and a man facing assault charges.

Nathaniel Hughes noticed lots of police on his street over the weekend as first responders rushed to this house a few doors down on Stanhope Drive near Oak Park.

"I was looking out the window because my dog was going crazy. I looked down the street and there were 8-10 cop cars posted up. I tried to see what was happening and it was hard to tell. There was a police officer walking down the street with an assault rifle and a few minutes later, another officer came down with the German shepherd. I tried to get a better view and saw that they had an ambulance down here," Hughes said.

Law enforcement was called to the neighborhood following a dangerous attack inside a couple’s home very late Friday night, ending in the arrest of Shay Thome.

According to Huntsville police, Thome's wife hadn't stayed at their house for several days and came over with a friend to get some of her belongings. She heard a commotion and found her husband attacking her friend.

Lt. Michael Johnson, public information officer for the Huntsville Police Department, says Thome grabbed the friend’s hand and bit off her finger. His wife came into the room and began fighting with him, trying to get him off her friend.

The women got away and Thome was taken into custody.

According to Lt. Johnson, first responders found the woman's finger, her left pinky, inside the house. Unfortunately, at the hospital, it could not be re-attached.

Thome also bit his wife, police say, but her injuries were not serious.

He was left with some wounds as the women fought back, explaining his bloody mug shot. He also ended up breaking the the front glass door, perhaps further explaining his facial injuries.

(Source: Madison County Jail)

"I wanted to figure out what was going on because my wife just had a baby last week and I wanted to make sure everything was safe. That's the first I've heard of it. Usually that doesn't happen around here," Hughes said.

At the home on Monday, a woman who came to the door asked reporters to leave the property.

Thome was charged with two counts of assault first degree. He posted bond.

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