Early morning sweep at Autauga Metro Jail turns up jailhouse wine

Early morning sweep at Autauga Metro Jail turns up jailhouse wine
Autauga County Metro Jail (Source: WSFA 12 News file photo)

AUTAUGA COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger said he’d been planning a sweep of his jail for a couple of months but had to keep details to a select few as he put everything in order.

He didn’t want the inmates to get word, the sheriff explained. They found out around 6 a.m. Monday when around 25 law enforcement officers from several neighboring counties made an unexpected visit to their cells.

Officers from the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office were joined by Prattville officers and deputies from Dallas, Chilton and Elmore counties for the early morning sweep.

When the search was complete, Sedinger was satisfied, although grossed out by one thing that had been found.

“Run of the mill things,” he explained of the items, tobacco mostly, as well as some marijuana.

Sedinger said some inmates had stripped the batteries from their e-cigarettes and fashioned them into tattoo guns, which are considered contraband. Unaltered e-cigarettes are allowed in in the jail.

As for weapons, the sheriff said not much was found other than a single item that could have been considered a shank and the top of a shaving cream can that could have become a knife.

As for the gross discovery? The sheriff said a bag with fermenting vegetables was uncovered. Homemade wine, Sedinger called it, saying it looked “disgusting.”

He said the previous sheriff’s administration had already stopped inmates from getting fresh fruit because they were turning it into wine. He didn’t know you could make jailhouse vino from carrots and peas but anything is apparently possible.

The sheriff said no punishment will be handed out for the items found during the raid. He just wants to remind inmates that he’s watching his jail closely.

The Autauga Metro Jail is no winery, and Sedinger laughingly joked they’d better learn how to hide things better. Otherwise, it’ll be sour grapes when he confiscates it on the next sweep.

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