Waterloo Market set to open 7 months after grease fire

Waterloo Market set to open 7 months after grease fire

WATERLOO, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s been seven months since a fire gutted the Waterloo Market, the town’s only grocery store.

The grease fire that decimated the Waterloo Market left the owners and residents without a place close by to buy staples.

The market was not just a gas station and grocery store. It was considered the hub of the community.

Monty Yeager owns the Waterloo Lodge nearby. He’s relieved to see the store is reopening. Not having a local gas station has been scary for the entire town. People forced to keep their tanks full because they’ve had to drive 20 miles for gas.

“It’s not just important to me, but everyone in Waterloo to have this store. Brant has done a hell of a job getting it to put together,” said Yeager.

Brant Morris and his wife own Waterloo Market. He is relieved to finally get their employees back to work and serve their customers.

"Everybody is going to be excited and like what we did to the place," said Morris.

Morris has the windows covered with newspaper until the reopening. The big day for the reopening is on July 3.

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