Sheffield woman says sewage backed up into her home during February floods

Sheffield woman says sewage backed up into her home during February floods

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - A house in Sheffield looks normal from the outside, but inside it’s disturbing after raw sewage backed up and flooded the home.

But the city says it’s not responsible for the damage.

Lillian Reeder lives on East 12th Street. She says when the February floods hit, she became knee-deep in raw sewage because the sewer drain backed up.

“I called the city right away and told them to come out here. I told them there’s something in my house that’s brown it stinks," said, Reeder.

Now all her furniture is in her backyard deteriorating.

Reeder is pointing her finger at the city.

“No insurance agent never step foot on, my property to say they were not at fault,” said Reeder.

Reeder hired a private contractor to find out what caused the sewage drain backup.

“It was pumping river water instead of pulling sewage out,” she said.

Reed says she submitted her claim to the city two weeks after the sewage backed up. She says no one from the city responded to her claim for nearly a month.

City documentation claims the city is not responsible for the backup because it is an act of nature.

WAFF 48 News talked to Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford to find out exactly why Reed’s claim was denied.

“I do sympathize with her. We turned it into out insurance, and they denied it," said Sanford.

Reeder is on a fixed income. She says to pay for damages she was forced to take out a second mortgage. Reed says repairs are going to cost 18-thousand dollars. That money will have to come out of her pocket.

“We don’t have anything else, or any other resources, or anything that help us out with this. What I’m hoping for is the city takes on the proper liability," she said.

Reeder plans to hire a lawyer to sue the city for the damages to her home.

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