See it to believe it: Guinness World Record longhorn steer in Alabama

VIDEO; World record Longhorn Steer in Alabama

MILLERVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Millerville was a booming place in the eastern part of the Alabama in the 1840s as people searched for gold. But since then there hasn’t been much to attract folks to Clay County outside high school football.

However, a longhorn steer named Poncho Via is changing that. People are flocking to Clay County to see the steer who has earned a spot with Guinness World Record. Poncho’s horn measures more than 127 inches tip from tip, which is the longest ever for a longhorn steer.

“This is just a cool thing for this area,” said Jeral Pope, owner of Poncho. “I knew he would get big, but I had no idea his horn would grow to the size that it is. And it will get even bigger, I think.”

The Pope family purchased the longhorn steer when it was six months old. Poncho is now 7 and has become a local celebrity with people coming near and far just to catch a glimpse of this world record holder.

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