Several Madison County Schools get million dollar upgrades

Madison county school construction

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Several Madison County Schools are receiving a lot of upgrades ahead of the next school year. Some schools are getting new buildings, corridors, and classroom buildings. All schools will be getting major security upgrades.

Kerry Wilkerson is the Chief Operating Officer for Madison County Schools. He tells WAFF 48 News that Central School off Ryland Pike is one of the schools with a major renovation project. “We’re putting in a dining room, we’re adding some restrooms, we’re adding some classrooms some office space. We’re doing a lot of safety improvements," said Wilkerson.

Those safety improvements include: security cameras, a key card entry system, and a new car drop-off location. This project is costing the school system around $4 million. Wilkerson said a lot of these projects came in under budget.

The work at Central School is expected to be complete by fall break of the upcoming school year.

Another school receiving a lot of security upgrades is New Market School. Wilkerson says a new corridor will connect all five school buildings so students won’t have to walk outside to get a classroom.

“We’ve connected all the buildings together. Once again cameras, key cards, intercom systems. Making all those improvements. We’ve done a lot of stuff there and it’s going to be ready and it’ll make it a lot nicer, a lot safer," said Wilkerson.

Several Madison County Schools are undergoing safety renovations.
Several Madison County Schools are undergoing safety renovations.

Construction at New Market is expected to be complete by August 1st. The cost is around $2.2 million.

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